The Fat Bikes

Trudy Hause

Thorsten Gauhl


DAVID STEPHENS is from London, Ontario. After years of bike touring across Canada, all over the world, and working in the bike industry, David has discovered an outdoor activity that makes people feel young again! The activity is called Fat Biking. As a way to share this exhilarating feeling for others he created the company called Borealis Bike Tours Unlimited where the wilderness extends right up to Yellowknife's doorstep. Now, visitors to the Northwest Territories can experience this part of Canada in a healthy and natural way .... any season, for any reason by Fat Bike.​​


The Tours

Larry Kwan

Borealis Bike Tours Unlimited (BBTU), provides custom fat bike tours throughout all four seasons of the year, ranging from casual cyclist to the experienced. BBTU can host tours of up to 15 people at a time ranging from extra small up to extra large sizes. We offer seasonal 2.5 hour tours which vary in routes depending on the season, the cycling level, and the type of ride that the guests prefer. Other tours include tours in Territorial Parks and areas along the Ingram Trail as well as special multi-day tours on ice roads. More multi-day tours and locations are currently being planned and will be posted throughout the year so keep checking our website for updates.

Sandy Scott


CAREN KIDA is a Japanese/ Brazilian who has many talents besides graphic designs and computer "know how". She has climbed Mt. Fuji over 5 times and done several 1000km + bike tours on a tandem with her husband, David. In Yellowknife, Caren has discovered the best way to enjoy riding her Fat Bike to work year round even if the temperature is below -30C while wearing prescription glasses!

David Stephens

​LORE KRYSKO is a long distance runner and triathlete. She has qualified for and completed 2 Ironman World Championship Races in Kona, Hawaii. She is currently training for ultra marathons. Lore can often be seen any time of the year riding her bike beside, behind, or in front of Greg, her husband.

Borealis Bike Tours Unlimited (BBTU), is owned and operated by David Stephens. It was opened in 2016, and is based in Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This company not only serves tourists to Yellowknife but also conference attendees, staff party rides and just about any other group that would like to experience the thrill of the ride. The possibilities are unlimited!

Thorsten Gauhl

The Cycling Gear

Fat Bikes were pioneered and developed back in the 1980's out of Alaska's snow and the sands of New Mexico. These radical new types of bikes with 4 to 5 inch wide tires are able to take people over rock, sand, snow and ice with excitement, comfort and confidence!

The Company

Thorsten Gauhl

The cycling gear that Borealis Bike Tours Unlimited provides for their tours is cycling specific to meet the temperatures found in any season. The gear ranges from the basic safety items in the summer to the essential gear for warmth, comfort and practical performance in the extreme cold temperatures of Yellowknife, the coldest capital city in Canada. If you avoid wearing cotton and heed to the advice of your guides, you will quickly forget the temperature and remember the thrill of the ride!

The Guides

Larry Kwan

​​GREG KRYSKO, Originally from southern Ontario, Greg moved to the north in 1985 and lived in Cambridge Bay and Rankin Inlet with his wife and cycling partner Lore, before taking a more permanent residence in Yellowknife in 1993. Since then, Greg has been a dedicated Yellowknife all-season cycling commuter and over the last 3 years he has expanded his knowledge of the extensive trail network since he added the Fat Bike to his sport ensemble. Greg also enjoys hiking, fishing, snow kiting, snowmobiling, and making home made wine.