Where will the tour take us?
Our 2.5 hour tours are all within the city limits of Yellowknife, however there are many scenic wilderness places that we can take you within the city. We don't have a standard regular route because we adjust our tours to match our guest's cycling abilities and points of interest.

Can we rent Fat Bikes without a guide from your company?
Unfortunately, no. Borealis Bike Tours Unlimited (BBTU) is currently not insured to allow bikes to be rented without a guide.

I have a GoPro, can I use it on the tour?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, we have some of the mount accessories available for handlebars and helmets to carry GoPro cameras.

I’m not a professional bike rider, is that a problem?
No problem, our tours are custom designed for all levels of riders including beginners and more leisurely type of cyclists.

Is there any danger of bears, or other wild animals?
Although foxes, coyotes and the occasional black bear have been spotted throughout the city, they often shy away from our tours because we stay as a group. The guide will always have a can of bear spray as a precaution.

I am worried about being too cold on your winter tours.
Being dressed appropriately is our specialty. Our winter tours provide -40C winter boots and hand warming system to ensure that you will be fine. Contact us if you have any questions.

Will we stop for food, water or toilet breaks?
Yes, every tour includes a mid-ride snack and beverage. We recommend that you start your tour shortly after you have had a meal before your tour.

What if I can’t ride some sections of the trail?
No problem, in fact our guides will sometimes recommend that you get off your bike and walk certain sections that might be too challenging.

Can we cancel a tour before the start date and time?
Yes, you can, however there is a cancellation fee that will be charged. Please refer to the Cancellation Policy under the Booking section.

Are there tours offered at times other than on your website?
Yes, absolutely. If we are contacted by email or phone in advance we can design a custom trip for you depending on your group size and times.

Do you do tours for 1 or 2 guests only?

Yes, we do. We consider a tour for 1 or 2 to be a private custom tour. The rate for this is an additional 10% to the regular fee as our guide will be serving none other than yourselves.

We are a large group of about 35 people, how can we all take part in your Fat Bike tours? 
We have 15 Fat Bikes of varying sizes as well as several part-time experienced guides. Please contact us by email or phone to set up tours that work best with your large group.

What should I wear and bring for summer tours?
For summer tours, we recommend that you wear what you would if you were to go hiking with good foot wear. Arriving for the tour with insect repellant already applied is a good idea during bug season. Sunglasses are also a good idea.

What should I wear and bring for spring and fall tours?
For spring and fall tours, we recommend that you wear what you would if you were to go hiking with good foot wear. A light jacket and some insect repellant already applied is a good idea too during bug season. Sunglasses are also a good idea.

What should I wear and bring for winter tours?
For our winter tours, you should wear a base layer from ankle to wrist of material that is either polyester, merino wool or light fleece. Full length merino wool socks are highly recommended. Definitely NO COTTON under garments or socks because when they get sweaty or wet they will definitely be cold.

Can I bring my backpack, cell phone/camera and purse?
Yes, you may bring a small backpack and cellphone/camera, however we have found that on our winter tours cell phones often stop working due to the cold. An "over the the shoulder" purse or camera is not recommended for safety. Our guide will carry a freeze proof camera so that he or she can take pictures for you at your request.

I am already renting winter gear from another tour operator and my friend has his own winter clothing, can we wear that on your tour? Is the tour cheaper if I provide my own winter gear?
The fat bike tour is the same price even if you provide your own gear. Please Note: The winter gear that other aurora viewing tour operators rent out is not appropriate for fat biking because it is too hot and bulky, especially the parkas and boots. Our gear which is included in the tour price is specific for fat biking. For example, down hill skiers don't wear parkas for a reason.

Can I provide my own mountain bike or fat bike for your tour?

For our seasonal tours, we cannot ensure that your bike is mechanically safe and while on the tour your safety is our responsibility. Our high quality fat bikes are inspected before and after every ride.

Can we take a Fat Bike tour after we have been having a few drinks at a local bar?
No, we can not provide a tour for you after consumption of any alcohol because your safety is most important on our tours. Also, a waiver is required to be read and signed by all guests in order to participate on our tours.

I really like riding with no hands and riding off of the trails, is that OK?
NOPE, sorry! Even though you might have these skills, please remember that riding safely is paramount for everyone to experience the entire tour without incidents. If we have to end a tour early because of uneccessary risk taking there is no refund.

Can we do a Fat Bike tour while towing our baby in a Chariot?
Sorry, our fat bikes are not set up to have the towing device to tow children or trailers. Also, by having a trailer in tow, many of the locations that the tour visits would be inaccessible or compromised.

Do you offer shorter tours other than 2.5 hours? 
Yes, 1.5 hours for 20% of regular tour cost. Minimum 4 guests

Could we book a tour with a focus on photography?
Yes, absolutely. We are also able to conduct tours specific to any other types of groups too such as birding, aurora viewing, rock tours, unlimited possibilities.

Could we book a night tour under the aurora sky?
Yes, absolutely. Our night Fat Bike tours are available with high powered LED lights for front and rear of each bike. And we also can take you to places that aren’t crowded and overused by other aurora tour companies.

What type of bikes do you use on your tours?
We provide two brands of Fat Bikes; Kona WO and the Specialized Fat Boy 24.

I wear prescription glasses on your tour, will this be a problem?
For spring, summer and fall tours there should be no problem.  Wearing prescription glasses in winter can be rather challenging, so it is recommended that you wear contacts lenses instead of your prescription glasses. If you don't have contact lenses, we do have a few solutions that we can recommend. Please contact us for more info.